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Daily Mining Gazette: Living the dream

Daily Mining Gazette: Living the dream

By Daver Karnosky – Daily Mining Gazette

Editor's Note: This feature originally appeared in the April 13 edition of the Daily Mining Gazette.

CHICAGO – As the NHL prepares for the second night of the opening round of the playoffs, one local hockey player will be getting the opportunity to live out every hockey player's dream of skating in such a game. Tanner Kero, a native of Hancock, joined the Chicago Blackhawks in December and has been a key component of the Blackhawks' run to the top of the Central Division.

With the regular season out of the way, Kero and his teammates are prepared for seeing one of their division rivals, the Nashville Predators, for the better part of the next two weeks.

Kero is trying not to focus on the dream aspect of playing in the playoffs and instead focus on the reality that it will present challenges not seen during the regular season.

"I am excited," said Kero. "The season, it seemed like, flew by. Now we are getting ready for the playoffs. It will be the first one [for me], so it is pretty exciting."

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