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Hockey Jerseys Ranked Tops in Nation

Hockey Jerseys Ranked Tops in Nation

HOUGHTON, Mich. – Michigan Tech's hockey jerseys were recently ranked the top uniforms in all of college hockey by the website

Mark Majewski, a professional designer with Boston College, ranked the uniforms of all 60 teams based on an assessment of all the jerseys a team wears.

Majewski asked the following questions while doing his analysis:
•  Does it look like a college hockey uniform? Does it immediately give off a collegiate feel or is there something else about the aesthetic that makes you say "Man that's a sweet-lookin' get up."
•  Is the uniform identifiable? Who am I watching?  Does the brand immediately captivate you?
•  Lastly, just overall look and feel: How does this color combo mesh with this set or is the shoulder patch too bunched up to the number on the sleeve…just picky little things like that.

Majewksi begins his Tech assessment:

Stop. Just look at them. Look at every little detail. The contrasts. The colors. The cleanliness. The uniqueness.

Would you like me to keep going? Okay…

The consistency. The sophistication.

It's all there.

Michigan Tech easily runs away with the best college hockey uniform in the US of A.