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Frequently Asked Questions about Esports

Frequently Asked Questions about Esports

What is esports?

Esports generally means competitive gaming. At Michigan Tech, esports are organized, multiplayer, computer-based video game competitions that can be viewed by nonparticipants both in-person and online. 

Why is Michigan Tech adding varsity esports?

Esports is one of the fastest-growing trends in collegiate athletics and an exploding field internationally. Gaming is an established part of the culture at Michigan Tech, and adding esports as a varsity program is a natural fit. Esports align with our University goals and STEM initiatives to better prepare students for a future where technology causes rapid changes in the job market. It also provides our Athletics department with the ability to expand opportunities for student-athletes and connect with students who are not engaged in traditional sports.

Why is esports housed under Athletics?

Esports has been described as "competition augmented by technology," and no one at the University does competition better than Michigan Tech Athletics. Esports are sports of focus, strategy, and skill. Players must be in good physical condition to be in peak mental condition. Game-play strategy is deep, complex, and dynamic, and the mechanics and muscle memory required for each game are incredibly fast-paced. Additionally, team building, communication, tradition, and problem-solving are key attributes during collegiate competitions and they are also strong features of esports matches. 

Because esports is a varsity program, student-athletes will be required to maintain appropriate training boundaries and a minimum GPA for eligibility to compete. The expectations of esports student-athletes are the same as those for student-athletes in other varsity programs.

Which games will Michigan Tech esports play?

The Director of Esports and the Athletic Director will determine which games best fit the Michigan Tech esports program. Currently, other collegiate esports programs host teams that compete in games such as Overwatch, Counter Strike, Rocket League, League of Legends, NBA 2k, and more.

Who will Michigan Tech compete against?

Michigan Tech will compete against other varsity esports programs from across the country. Michigan Tech is a member of the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE), the only US association of varsity esports programs at colleges and universities. More than 130 schools and 3,000-plus student-athletes are NACE members.

How many esport student-athletes will Michigan Tech have?

The initial goal is to build a roster of 60 competitive gamers. In all our programs and activities, Michigan Tech Athletics seeks to promote an inclusive environment where all feel welcome. This commitment will be at the forefront of our esports recruitment strategy as we work to build a diverse roster of student-athletes.

Can a student get a scholarship for playing esports at Michigan Tech?

Yes, Michigan Tech is currently working on a scholarship structure for the esports program.

Where will the esports arena be located?

Michigan Tech will be renovating a space in the Student Development Complex as the dedicated esports arena. The facility will include gaming computers, competition viewing space, and space to live stream competitions.

When is the esports season and when do the games typically take place?

Esports is evolving into competitions that begin in August and revolve around the collegiate academic calendar. Our schedule will begin at the start of the academic year and student-athletes will compete through fall and spring with appropriate breaks.

Does the Michigan Tech esports team travel for competition?

While the majority of events will be online and without travel expense, there will be some opportunities for the Michigan Tech esports program to travel to competitions and tournaments.

Esports, esports, eSports or E-sports?

It is either Esports or esports. Do not use the hyphen.